Diploma in Agriculture

Explore the dynamic world of agriculture with our comprehensive Diploma in Agriculture program offered by esteemed universities. Gain hands-on experience in crop cultivation, livestock management, and sustainable farming practices. Dive into cutting-edge agribusiness techniques, agro-technology, and environmental stewardship. Equip yourself with essential skills for a thriving career in the agricultural sector. Immerse in a curriculum designed to blend theoretical knowledge with practical expertise, ensuring you emerge ready to contribute to the evolving field of agriculture.
Course Code: EDU403
Eligibility: 10+2
Course Duration: 1 Year
Course Fee: 27,500/-

B Sc Agriculture

B.Sc. - Agricuture

The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program offered by universities equips students with a comprehensive understanding of agricultural sciences. This dynamic course covers a range of subjects, including crop and soil sciences, livestock management, agricultural economics, and sustainable farming practices. Students gain hands-on experience through fieldwork and internships, fostering practical skills essential for success in the agricultural sector. This degree opens doors to diverse career opportunities, empowering graduates to contribute significantly to global food security and sustainable agriculture practices.
Course Code: EDU402
Eligibility: 10+2 PCM/PCB
Course Duration: 4 Year
Course Fee: 92,500/-

M Sc Agriculture

M.Sc. - Agricuture

Embark on a transformative academic journey with our MSc in Agriculture program, offered by prestigious universities. This comprehensive course integrates cutting-edge agricultural sciences, sustainable practices, and advanced technologies. Explore topics such as crop management, agribusiness, and environmental sustainability. Benefit from hands-on research opportunities and expert faculty guidance. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to address global agricultural challenges, ensuring a successful and impactful career in the dynamic field of agriculture. Join us to cultivate your passion and contribute to the future of sustainable food production.
Course Code: EDU401
Eligibility: B.Sc.AG/HO
Course Duration: 2 Year
Course Fee: 68,500/-

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