Is one sitting degree is valid?

Before giving any comment on One Sitting degree valid or not, first I would say the Concept of the One sitting degree that how this concept was started and what was reason behind starting the Process of One sitting degree.

Here I want to say that the One sitting degree means:- A degree which has been conducted all together means A degree which can be completed within a year because all his exams of every year will be conducted all together.

The Reason behind starting the One sitting degree is to help those students who were dropped outs because there are many students and employees who had left their studies in their early ages only or they were not able to complete their studies because they were having lots of personal and financial problems now all of they are having jobs in their hands but they are not able to get the promotions.

Iincrements in their organisations as well as they are not able to get the chances and opportunities in their lives for the betterment because they are not having the genuine degrees in their hands then some UGC approved decided to help these kinds of need students and the University started giving them the Chance where they can give their exams all together and they can save their 3 years means One sitting degree mean:- If a student wants to complete his graduation where A student usually has to give his 3 years but in the case of the one sitting degree A student can complete his Three year’ exams in one year where his two years are saved.

Earlier One sitting degree was having good reputation until and unless Fake consultant did not start to cheat the needy students because when the needy students were being cheated by the fake consultants on the One sitting degree then the Ugc approved Universities Stopped doing the work of The One sitting degree directly but today also some of the universities are doing this process where Universities have the Genuine and Real Consultants who are really working hard to help the needy students to give them the good future that’s why A student needs to find only a genuine consultant only and that consultant must be having the direct connection with the University and his intention must be helping the needy students and give them the platform to do better in his lif


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